Teaching to SAHM Again with a Schedule

Over the past two years I have taken a break from blogging and went back to teaching. I love teaching-- my heart is there and I know that's what I am supposed to do. In 2015 I became part of the faculty at an awesome alternative high school and instantly fell in love with the students and purpose of the school. The first year went perfectly and then in the second year things got... complicated. I had family issues, health issues, and a plethora of other stressors that I tried my best to check at the door when I walked into my classroom, but then left them unchecked when I came home.

My thought process was that my family and I are fine. Or, at least, we will be once everything slows down or gets better. The kids are fine, right?! They're fed, even if it is hot dogs and Velveeta macaroni for the third night in a row. And they're bathed-- albeit not every night and probably not always behind their ears or toes but I can assure you that any poop has been rinsed off. At least to the best of my knowledge. And they're clothed... mostly. Even if that means rocking underwear in the car on the way to school for my son and princess dresses and rain boots for my daughter every day to daycare. It's all good in this motherhood, no?

Well, it wasn't. I was constantly rushed and subsequently rushing my kids with dangerously low patience. I ended up in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism on a Monday night and told the doctor that I had to be at work on Tuesday morning because a) getting a substitute is quite frankly a bitch and b) my students had finals coming and there was a basketball game I had to go to for Pep Club.

I didn't make it that Tuesday. Or the rest of the week. And then somebody told me, "You can't put more into other people's children than you put into your own."

Damn. That's deep. And very true. I had completely been pushing, investing, and devoting more time and energy into my students and their lives than I was with my own family. Because everything would be fine, remember? It wasn't fine.

So, I put it my two weeks notice and my last day of teaching was January 30th, 2017. And, it was the HARDEST decision I ever had to make.

So here I am. A stay-at-home-mom again with an insane ball of energy who happens to be 5 and a boy and a sweet and sassy little lady who is all of (almost) 3 years old. But I miss teaching. I miss my students. I miss the structure and organized chaos (OCD, remember?).

My answer to these issues was to make a schedule for my children. It is, admittedly, more for me than it is for them. I always used memes in the classroom, so naturally I needed them for this, too. I needed levity, honesty, and an actual plan.

Click here to behold my wondrous, enviable schedule :)

In case you didn't believe that kids are weird and refuse pants and shoes that are anything other than rain boots. This was at 6:15 AM on our way to school 😌


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